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If you are thinking about launching your startup, or trying to figure out how to get paid for your worth, you are in the right place. Take the next step and check out some of our resources and be SURE you are taking the right next steps.

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If you're ready to make your impact by starting and growing your business, take the next step and schedule a discovery call today!


Information that brings about changes to someone's life business health career relationships growth is valuable and people are willing to pay YOU for it.

your knowledge is gold and it will sell. This is one way you can start an online business.

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and transitioning from idea to making money

is both exciting and often the hardest part. But, with the right support and guidance, starting your online business can be the most rewarding. And...you don't have to do it alone!

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with confidence! Having the right knowledge and the right plan is everything when you're just getting started. Now, it's up to you to take the next step and turn your business into a reality!

Together, we will complete each step and you will have everything you need to start your business with confidence and clarity.

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Yes, I CAN teach you how to launch your coaching or consulting business!

After serving as an area superintendent, school principal, professor, and education consultant, Dr. Temeca Richardson (Dr. T) transitioned to becoming a Certified Executive Coach, dedicating her career to empowering women entrepreneurs. Dr. T is obsessed with helping women turn their knowledge and expertise into a thriving online business.

Dr. T has earned a reputation for her dynamic and hands-on approach to coaching. Her clients benefit from comprehensive knowledge including strategic business planning, course writing, and personalized roadmaps for success. Through her company, she offers essential support such as website creation, branding support, and in-depth training, ensuring that every aspect of her clients' businesses is meticulously planned and executed.

When Dr. T coaches, women listen and transform. She is dedicated to her clients' success, providing strategic coaching and business planning services that help new entrepreneurs flourish. With over a decade of experience in startup development, Dr. T ensures that women have the tools and guidance needed to turn their expertise into a successful online businesses. Whether through her personalized coaching or her hands-on support, Dr. T is committed to helping women entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and grow their businesses from the ground up.

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